BBB People

BBB Advisory provides clients with access to a range of senior consultants who are each successful and highly skilled professionals with extensive operational expertise in customer related fields.  The diverse range of skills available enables us to support a wide range of business requirements related to operations and strategy.  Members of the team can be engaged to provide strategic advice, implement a project or business improvement initiative, manage change, conduct detailed customer or operations analysis, deliver training, undertake specialist or technical tasks, as part of a project team or to fill a strategic role on a short term basis.


Lyn is our national consulting director and is recognised globally as a passionate thought-leader in customer experience delivery. With over 25 years in the industry, Lyn has managed large and complex customer facing operations across wide range of industry sectors including banking, insurance and telecommunications and the outsourcing sector.

She has used that operational experience and strong project management skills to establish award winning Contact Centres and manage customer focused business transformations in existing operations. Lyn is respected as a proven leader and trusted mentor with a track record in creating sustainable outcomes.

Lyn has worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Virgin and Citibank , respected Australian brands including Westpac and Suncorp and with a range of Government bodies. A sought after presenter, Lyn has outstanding conceptual and analytical skills and unparalleled energy and passion for the effective operation of customer facing channels.

She brings a rigour and robustness to her project management, a capability to understand and interpret the direction of the customer contact industry and continues to influence the strategic direction of that industry.

Leanne Robinson

Leanne’s strength in taking teams and organisations on a journey of business transformation, is successfully demonstrated over a lengthy career of managing and establishing award winning Contact Centres.  A dynamic and passionate communicator, she also has experience in recruitment, training and high performance coaching - engaging with leaders and front line staff through times of cultural and operational change.

Leanne has a broad and vast experience in managing complex customer facing operations, having worked across the higher education, financial services, manufacturing, automotive and telecommunications industries.  With her strong expertise in business process improvement and hands on operational experience, Leanne has been instrumental in assisting organisations to achieve significant improvements in customer satisfaction, sales, productivity and employee engagement.

She has successfully managed a range of projects including creating, designing, and operationally deploying new technology knowledge management systems, omni-channel Contact Centre solutions, CRM, internet banking and self-service portals.


With experience in customer facing team leadership roles, Daniel progressed to finding his passion in managing and engaging teams to design and implement significant change projects.  Receiving many internal awards and recognition for delivering change projects on time and meeting outcome expectations (as well as for his team leadership skills), Daniel is highly respected as an engaging change management practitioner and people leader.

Daniel is also regarded as a naturally influential communicator and presenter regularly delivering training and facilitated discussion pieces across capability building, people management and cultural change within the corporate environment. Coupled with his focus on effective leadership and employee engagement he has demonstrated impressive stakeholder and vendor management both locally and internationally.

Relying on a solid background of change and process improvement fundamentals including Prosci Change Management methodology and Lean Six Sigma principles, and incorporating this with years of experience in leadership development and people management, results in a powerful capability to construct and implement effective and sustainable change and innovation.


Helen is a business growth and personal development professional. Helen helps a business grow by engaging and developing the people to deliver successful and sustainable business change. Her strength in working with c-level executives to change themselves, as well as their businesses, has been widely recognised across APAC.

Based on Helen’s extensive consulting experiences in leading restructuring firms in Sydney and Brisbane,  she knows that any business that disconnects culture from strategy is putting their success at risk.

Helen is well versed in the practices of the business world and has witnessed the challenges and difficulties experienced by business owners and employees alike. Much of the stress could have been alleviated utilising a range of techniques that have been evidenced to increase a person’s ability to successfully navigate day to day challenges.

Toni Meehan

Toni has broad experience working within both the corporate and small business arenas. Toni’s experience includes sales and marketing strategy, training and development, contact centre management, innovation, product development and integration. She has led large sales teams and has worked on creating and implementing go-to market strategies.

In her capacity as a trainer, Toni creates, delivers and assesses accredited and non-accredited programs in a wide variety of business areas including leadership, management, sales, customer service, team development, innovation and project management.

Toni is accredited to deliver the Certificate IV in Training and Assessing delivering workshops that teach others to design, deliver and assess accredited and non-accredited training programs.

In her capacity as a consultant, Toni has focused on working with others in business to develop the systems and strategies to grow their team, their client base, their confidence and their profits.

steve mitchinson - Founder, adviser

Steve is the founder of BBB Advisory and is a customer management optimisation and strategy expert with over 25 years experience advising a wide range of blue chip enterprises and government agencies across Australia. Steve is recognised as a thought leader in change management and organisational change having pioneered and delivered many innovative and effective strategies across a wide range of industries and sectors.

He has developed and delivered successful outcomes across all aspects of the customer lifecycle - acquisition, management, retention and  growth - and across all channels.  Steve has developed a proven approach to delivering system, process, employee and channel effectiveness that ensures that improving organisational capability, reducing costs, growing revenue and improving the customer experience and employee engagement are complimentary objectives that can be achieved in harmony - and quickly.

 Whilst no longer involved in the daily operations of BBB Advisory, Steve continues to mentor and support other team members in the use and application of the wide range of business improvement techniques, tools andstrategies he has developed and deployed so successfully.


As an Advisor to the BBB team, his recent experience in pre and post implementation consulting and support across APAC, adds a powerful capability to assist clients to understand their multi-channel technology business needs, and to ensure implementation is smoothly managed and optimised – regardless of the selected solutions.

His career experience over 18 years in the Call Centre and Customer Service industry, has included the design, implementation, operations and management of large and medium contact centres within both the government and private sectors - across local Council, ATO, insurance, superannuation and outsourcing industries.  He has been the recipient of numerous industry Awards for leadership, green-fields sites and for contact centre performance.

Malcolm’s Centres have been characterized by the rapid introduction of new technology, new clients, new channels and changing strategy.  This experience and his track record in positively influencing culture, both internally within organisations and externally within the Contact Centre industry across APAC, is recognised and respected. He has served as an elected Board Director and National Chair for Auscontact and its predecessor ATA for over 10 years, steering the industry nationally.

Whilst we are confident Malcolm will return to operational contact centre management in 2017, we are proud to have his advice and knowledge accessible to the BBB team and our clients.