Cashflow Improvement

Research suggests that in many instances, at least half of late payments are for reasons other than that the client cannot pay.  This is a staggering statistic and one that is causing many organisations unnecessary cash flow issues and sometimes proves terminal.

With over 30 years experience successfully developing and implementing some of Australia’s most effective credit assessment and collection environments across a range of industries.

'We can show you how to effectively increase profitable sales opportunities, reduce risk and improve cash flow'.

Our proven experience in developing end-to-end solutions for our clients not only improves cash flow and profitability through improved credit control, but also delivers improved sales opportunities through more effective processes and staff interaction strategies.

Credit Management Workshops

To support our cashflow improvement advisory services we deliver some of Australia’s most innovative and effective credit training workshops.  With 94% of participants rating our credit courses as 'very useful' or 'extremely useful' you can be assured these custom programs will improve the effectiveness of your credit and collection teams. We deliver courses designed for either private enterprise or government agencies and have created customised in-house courses for some of Australia’s most respected organisations.

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