Customer Management Solutions

With 30 years experience developing and delivering industry leading customer management and customer experience outcomes our team have enabled many enterprises to implement effective and sustainable processes and strategies that deliver dramatically improved customer and business outcomes

Customers expect an outstanding, consistent experience, regardless of how they choose to interact with your enterprise. Whether through your contact centre, website, retail/branch, social media, or other channel, every interaction with a customer represents an opportunity to delight or disappoint—impacting loyalty, long-term customer value and profitability.  

'BBB Advisory's unique approach to integrating the Four Pillars of Customer Success:

·         Systems

·         Processes

·         Employees 

·         Channels

ensures success in  developing and implementing the most effective strategies to gain, maintain and retain your customers.'

Our approach is  proven to master the seemingly contradictory forces of reducing costs and improving the customer experience.  We continually prove it is not as difficult as many organisations imagine by delivering real-time  solutions that include:

  • Effective  strategies that identify and eliminate unnecessary contacts
  • Improving the  quality and value of responses with strategies that transform many common queries into revenue opportunities
  • Delivering  solutions that overcome the challenge faced by so many enterprises of  developing effective and co-ordinated multi-channel strategies
  • Turning workforce management challenges into immediate organisational efficiencies  by identifying and understanding the drivers, optimising workflows and resource levels
  • Implementing  strategies that maintain customer focus during challenging times and peak  periods
  • Designing and implementing  the most optimal business processes possible within the  current environment
  • Working with IT  and vendors to maximise the advantages of current and planned technology investments
  • Implementing effective performance management and development processes
  • Re-organising  work and workflows to empower and encourage individuals to achieve more in  key areas
  • Utilising all of the data sources available to develop more effective controls to measure  and drive improved performance more effectively
  • Optimising the push-pull dynamic between cost reduction and superior sales or customer  service performance   
  • When required we  will provide advice on selection and deployment of contact centre systems applications and support services, and support clients to optimise the  benefits achievable.

We have developed and implemented successful strategies across many industries and across all customer channels - retail, contact centres and online.  You can view examples of projects we have completed successfully here.

Whilst some consultants can achieve quick benefits,  often the benefits  diminish as the frameworks and disciplines required to sustain that level of performance waiver, sometimes leading to costly follow up programmes.

A key point of difference in our approach is that we have developed trusted working relationships with a small number of collaboration partners who provide products and services that can further enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of programs we deliver.

We recommend these providers only where we believe our client has a specific need, or where the benefits we have delivered can be further improved  through the services they offer. You can learn more about our valued collaboration partners here

For more information on our business improvement programmes and service offerings or an obligation free discussion, please contact us.