Working with government


BBB Advisory has worked with Commonwealth and State Government departments over many years and developed a suite of services that address the growing need to 'do more with less'.

Needing to do more with less can be necessary due to cuts in public spending or restrictions to FTE.

Achieving more with less is a challenge faced by many government departments, but with the right advice and a structured, proactive program it is possible to reduce operational costs, maintain service levels and improve financial performance.

This is what the BBB leadership team have been doing with government agencies in Australia for more than 30 years and the results speak for themselves.

'With over 30 years experience of delivering more effective business processes for government departments using our SPEC system, we achieve dramatic improvements in efficiency and effectiveness across all operational areas'.

Our SPEC system uses three key enablers:

  • Systems that enable execution of strategy;
  • Processes that are optimised and;
  • Empower customers and staff: and
  • Channel strategies that engage customers. 

Once a strategy is proposed and scoped, BBB can develop a cost benefit analysis and a business case to support agreed initiatives. 

Government agencies use Professionals on Demand (PoD) to cover long service leave or paternity leave, manage FTE restrictions and short-term capacity issues or to access subject matter experts.


Through our strategic alignment with Gel Group, government agencies can engage Professionals on Demand through the 22008 Common user Arrangement (CUA 22008).   

Our client list includes some of Australia’s most respected government departments.  

Our vision is to constantly research, develop and apply innovative yet sustainable approaches that enable clients to be successful by dramatically improving the outputs of their organisation. 

Our services

We have six specific offerings:   

Professionals on Demand

Professionals on Demand (PoD) can be insourced on a contract basis through the 22008 Common User Agreement to fill roles that include:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Support Officer
  • Change Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Call Centre Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Project Accountant
  • Business Analyst
  • Trainer

PoD can undertake specialist services including:

  • Business case development
  • Financial analysis
  • Tender management
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Workforce planning
  • Knowledge management
  • Contract preparation
  • Technical writing
  • Digital and online strategy
  • Customer contract strategy
  • Risk analysis

Discuss other roles and specialists through Professionals on Demand (PoD) with BBB on 08 9288 1724 or email