COACHING and mentoring

Designed specifically to assist organisations transitioning to change, BBB Advisory offers coaching and mentoring support programs that align an organisations employees and leadership team with the strategic intent of the organisation.


These programs are vital in the success of any organisation achieving and maintaining its desired objectives and deriving the maximum benefit from a process improvement program.

The transition to change coaching and mentoring programs are delivered by nationally certified BBB coaching and mentoring experts each of whom have extensive corporate, operational and consulting experience at a senior level across all aspects of the customer management life cycle.

Programs are tailored to meet the specific requirements and current focus of your organisation and designed to support changes to practices and processes and or the application of new technology in an organisation.

The programs socialise and embed the desired behaviours and process for BBB clients while aligning staff with organisational objectives using our IRO model.

These are some of the outcomes that the BBB transition to change programs delivers:

  • Customer experience levels exceeding industry standards
  • Higher levels of staff engagement
  • Commitment to continual improvement
  • Sustained higher financial returns for shareholder / stakeholder
  • Improved contributions to business performance
  • Improved ‘discretionary effort’
  • Reduced operational errors
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Optimised margins or profitability