BBB Advisory delivers and facilitates workshops that support the pursuit of operational excellence by individuals and organisations.


We run ‘closed’ workshops developed specifically for an organisation and a series of ‘open’ workshops that are available to individuals who would like to book and attend.

Closed Workshops

The ‘closed’ workshops are specifically developed to meet with the objectives of an organisation.  Frequent themes include:

  • Strategy development and planning
  • Team building and team alignment
  • Swot and gap analysis

Team alignment and team building workshops are particularly effective when run using our profiling tools – HBDI, iWam or DISC.  BBB lead consultants are accredited in the delivery of these programs.

Closed workshops can be run at our client’s premises or at a number of BBB preferred venues in major capital centres.

Open courses

BBB open courses cover a range of topics that explore the behaviours and practices that drive operational excellence and are available to individuals or small groups to book and attend.

The courses are run in major capital centres at scheduled times throughout the year.

BBB Public Courses include:

  • Power of One - Learning and understanding the influence individuals can have on outcomes
  • The Effective Team Leader Series - Understanding and Defining the Role of the Team Leader
  • The Vital Role of Coaching
  • Driving improved Operational Performance

The presenters of the open courses are members of the BBB leadership team who regularly participate in a range of forums and deliver development workshops on behalf of several industry associations.  They are considered thought leaders in their various fields.