Each of our BBB consultants are qualified and engaging facilitators & trainers who offer training and coaching as part of our client’s implementation and change management phase. We have a number of training options which are specifically tailored to our clients and their business requirements, and offer programs and workshops to help support them during their transformational journey.


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Global research shows that executing effective change management directly relates to improved return on investment, meeting or exceeding project objectives and budget while remaining on or ahead of schedule. While change continues to increase in frequency and complexity, effectively managing this is becoming more and more difficult.

Which raises the question; “how is change managed in your workplace?” More than that, is change managed at all? Is change considered as part of the project when planning initiatives? And what about the concept of how to connect your change management to achieving business results?

BBB Advisory provides support to assess organisational change readiness, through to providing structured change strategy and delivering tailored functional workshops designed to build internal change capability within Human Resources, operational and project management functions.

Designed with content aimed at team leaders, operational managers and executive team members who are influencers that plan, lead and manage their people through workplace change and transition we leverage the Prosci methodology to provide effective and simplified change management.

After all, the only thing that is constant is change. Get in contact with us to see how we can assist.


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Whether you want your current leaders to refresh and up-skill by attending short courses, or if you’re after a full leadership development program, BBB are here to help.

We are regularly asked to include leader training and coaching into our client’s operational improvement plans, and we offer focused leadership units that are flexible and can be provided as a one-off training session, or can be fit together and rearranged to suit the needs of your leaders.

BBB can also assist your in-house L&D Manager to create and/or deliver leadership programs, evaluation and coaching within your workplace. We can also work with your leaders to identify, evaluate and develop upcoming future leaders for your succession planning needs.

Ensure your leaders have the tools and capability they need for their leadership performance. Contact us to discover how we can future-proof your business today!


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Knowing how to adequately resource your workplace for success can be overwhelming. BBB Advisory can assist in creating strategies to ensure you have the relevant number of resources with the required skillsets to manage the workload across all of your channels.


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Have you ever heard someone say ‘start with the end in mind?’ This is a Stephen Covey ‘7 Habits of Successful People’ concept, and is a particularly useful habit when applied in the workplace for business and team planning.

The BBB team are asked regularly to facilitate business planning sessions for all kinds of teams in all kinds of industry, and we also offer a training unit that teaches your leaders how to run the session the next time.

These workshops and training units enable managers, leaders and teams to fully understand their business, and how to articulate this to their direct reports. We show you how to identify the key business drivers, how to set goals around these, and how to align the actions to support these goals to the overall vision of the organisation.

Knowing why you and your teams are doing what they do, and how they contribute to the strategic objectives of their organisation, really is the first step in effective business planning – and most importantly of all we teach your managers and leaders how to act on their planning, how to make their plans work so they achieve the goals planned for – talk to us about how your next session will be the best yet…


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Did you know… 3 out of 4 leaders believe coaching is about the task rather, as opposed to the person doing the task…

Because performance is a result of a set of actions, coaching is in fact a skill that focuses on the person, and coaching done well can unlock and enable better actions, with the results (performance) being the measure of success.

BBB facilitators focus a leader’s knowledge and ability with communications, what and how they observe and listen, and how they work with an individual – this then leads them to being able to coach their people successfully towards improved results because they have improved their actions and behaviours.

If you have a culture of telling vs enabling in your area, new leaders and managers, or experienced leaders who can benefit from refreshing their skills, talk with us about the coaching modules you may need in your business, and help your people drive high performance in their people.

“Thanks again for creating and facilitating the session. I had some very positive feedback ….. about how engaging and informative the session was. I feel you have definitely helped lay the foundation for the cultural change needed, and assisted in starting a valuable education piece around who we are and the value we offer our members ”



Our clients often mix existing modules with tailored in-house training programs which focus specifically on areas relevant to their business and people. Whilst the topics over the years have been quite broad, we have delivered the following training for our clients:

  • Strategy Development and Planning
  • Coaching for Leadership Teams
  • Effective Communications
  • Workforce Planning and Management
  • Understanding Data and Reporting
  • Change Management
  • Building Teams & Team Alignment
  • Vision, Goals and Planning Sessions
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Leadership Development