With a plethora of experience across several roles within the entertainment industry, Adam is an adept writer and purveyor of communication methods through a variety of mediums. Drawing on over a decade of public speaking and communications experiencehe pioneers the delivery of a vast array of learning tools using current, reliable techniques.

Whilst the pairing of entertainment and business may not be commonly associated, Adam’s knowledge of what engages a target audience has helped him streamline the communication and implementation of a number of workplace training and development strategies in cooperation with the highly experienced BBB Advisory consultancy team.

His focus on consistency and his passion for engaging people in unconventional yet effective ways has enabled Adam to assist clients from team leaders, to coaches, to contact centre staff; guiding them to more effectively communicate their own learning programs and building confidence in not only the delivery of key training and development models, but their sustained effectiveness. 

An accomplished public speaker, Adam also provides guidance on presentational delivery, as well as the structuring of content for efficient and engaging communication.