Kylie Denton is a bestselling author and highly experienced business consultant, professionally certified coach and facilitator specialising in the financial services, banking, insurance, superannuation and wealth management industries.

With over 25 years’ experience in Financial Services, a formal background in psychology and a proven track record of increasing sales, minimising errors and boosting productivity, Kylie helps staff at all levels become profitable salespeople and successful leaders.

Working with blue chip companies like QSuper, Suncorp, NAB, Energy Super, Blue Care, Kylie helps organisations improve productivity and performance by designing, developing and embedding sales and service frameworks and creating a coaching culture. 

Giving sales professionals the confidence, tools and structured processes, they need to build trust and rapport with clients, streamline appointment process, close more sales, improve the customer experience and boost employee confidence and engagement.  Kylie has helped countless companies and clients achieve the level of success they always hoped for.

Kylie has been leading her own business for the last 7 years and brings that passion to help others achieve their goals, and business acumen, into her partnership with BBB Advisory.

Group/Team Coaching:

Kylie is skilled in both team and group coaching.  Team coaching is perfect when new teams come together, when project teams are being formed or when you want more out of your existing team. 

Kylie works with organisations to help:

  • Improve productivity;
  • Improve team performance;
  • Build trust, accountability and productivity;
  • Increase engagement and staff retention;
  • Encourage innovation;
  • Help leaders to understand how team dynamics drive performance;
  • Help leaders to improve the quality of the team’s dialogue;
  • Optimize performance;
  • Develop current, emerging and future leaders.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

As a professional, you have an enormous impact in your organisation. It doesn’t matter whether you are managing two staff or 200 staff, your actions, decisions, communication, and leadership can impact how productive and profitable your team and business is.

To develop a high performing team, you need to be more than a good leader, you need to be a great leader. Someone who can influence, change minds, shape opinions, develop contacts, close deals and move others to act.

Kylie helps leaders achieve goals by being the sounding board many executives need.

Professionally Qualified

Kylie Denton is a professionally qualified Organisational and Leadership Coach with a background in Financial Services, Aged Care and Psychology.

Extensive Coaching Experience

Kylie has extensive coaching experience with over 3,500 hours of logged coaching.  Kylie is a member of the International Executive Coaching and Leadership and a qualified PCC (Professional Certified Coach).

Take Your Organisation to The Next Level

Kylie has this innate ability to truly connect and understand her client’s and is known for her ability to take people and organisations to the next level and turn good leaders into great leaders.  Kylie challenges her coaching clients to get out of their comfort zone and be the change they want to see in themselves and their business.