Change Management; when I mention this is what I do I am often met with people’s interested or intrigued looks which are regularly followed up with the question “what is that exactly?” I offer the simplified explanation that Change
Management is the process of guiding people or an organisation through change. Or even more simply, managing the people side of change.

This article provides an overview of the fundamentals, process and execution into the secret, mysterious world of Change Management. I’m kidding, it really isn’t a secret or even mysterious. In fact, most of it is just common sense that provides a structured approach around the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change.

Early in a conversation about Change Management people usually tell me that their business is currently going through some sort of change and they are keen to know more. Once we start to talk about their own situation it’s generally easier to discuss what Change Management is, how it can benefit their specific circumstances and their business overall.

Piqued your interest in Change Management, so far? It generally piques most people’s by now and with any luck this may start to get you thinking about your business and how a sound understanding of Change Management is relevant to your success.

The rate of change businesses go through can be ferocious and the capacity that staff must have to accept, understand and adopt change can be extremely stressful and difficult. Often it is the inability for staff to understand the reason for change or that they simply can’t keep up with the many changes going around them, that is a huge factor in the overall success or effectiveness of change.

All too often people tell me about the many changes their business is or has gone through. These days it seems we are constantly changing. Or we have another change coming before we’ve got the last one completed and to be honest it usually feels like there is just too much changing all at once.

The reality of the situation is organisations don’t change, people do.

Whenever you implement changes to process, systems or even organisational structure it’s your people who ultimately need to change how they do their jobs. How helpful would it be to know how ready your staff and
business was for change? What if there was a way to assess if your business was suffering from change saturation?

One of the fundamental aspects is to identify a business’ capacity and readiness to change before we attempt to implement something new.

To discuss how we can help you understand the change readiness of your business or to know more about how change management can work for you, contact us today.

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Article written by Daniel Panozzo

Change Management Specialist

MARCH 24, 2017