Steve is the founder of BBB Advisory and is a customer management optimisation and strategy expert with over 25 years experience advising a wide range of blue chip enterprises and government agencies across Australia. Steve is recognised as a thought leader in change management and organisational change having pioneered and delivered many innovative and effective strategies across a wide range of industries and sectors.

He has developed and delivered successful outcomes across all aspects of the customer lifecycle – acquisition, management, retention and growth – and across all channels. Steve has developed a proven approach to delivering system, process, employee and channel effectiveness that ensures that improving organisational capability, reducing costs, growing revenue and improving the customer experience and employee engagement are complimentary objectives that can be achieved in harmony – and quickly.

Whilst no longer involved in the daily operations of BBB Advisory, Steve continues to mentor and support other team members in the use and application of the wide range of business improvement techniques, tools andstrategies he has developed and deployed so successfully.