Trisha has over 20yrs experience in workplace training and development, business growth and efficiency, and improving customer experiences. She partners with business leaders and turns attention to strategy implementation at the operational, customer effort, leadership capability and process efficiency levels – “…I close the gap commonly found between business leaders knowing what needs to happen in their business, and the challenges often associated with how it can happen”.

Trish has a continuous improvement and workplace training background, and as a business leader herself, has not only driven business growth for small and large companies, she has also identified and developed leaders for succession planning, and designed and delivered numerous soft and technical skills programs and pathways that leave a legacy of continuous growth with her clients.

She has real success in operational efficiency through review and change methodology, in strengthening leadership ability in organisations, and creating customer quality frameworks that dramatically improve both customer experiences and employee engagement alike.

Trish is recognised as a highly engaging coach, facilitator and assessor in the classroom and online eLearning platforms. She brings a creative people and customer focused approach to her training programs, and to business analysis and improvement, and uses her experiences to work with leaders and frontline managers to accomplish successful and sustainable growth, increased employee engagement and a culture of customer excellence.